You Know Dentistry, We Know Dentists

As dentists you know what it takes to excel at the highest level.

You’ve put in the hard work and the results are personally satisfying and financially rewarding. The path you’ve chosen has challenges and you alone know the energy you’ve put into achieving your professional goal. The ultimate satisfaction? Knowing that you have the power to protect not just the people in the community who depend on you, but also everything you’ve worked so hard for.

Your profession is more than a job, it’s a calling to help others insure their health and wellbeing. When you go to work your clients depend on you to make their lives better. Now it’s time to do the same for yourself and the staff who go the extra mile for you. Your practice is more than a daily routine, it’s a reliable resource your community depends upon.

Our team is dedicated to contributing to your financial success. We find solutions to help you achieve your financial plans and goals while recognizing the changes that life can bring.

Are you getting back as much as you give?

Safeguarding your practice is important for your financial wellbeing—do you have the time needed to ensure this happens? Your job is to protect your patient’s health, our job is to help you protect your financial health. Taxes and excessive portfolio management fees can take more from your financial base than you want. No matter what stage of the journey you’re at—building your practice, watching it thrive, or planning to retire, our tailored financial plans for dentists will either help you validate your financial strategy or reveal gaps that need to be addressed. Our advisor-client relationship is based on tax efficiency and wealth management at its apex. You put your patients first. At Rosen Group Private Wealth Management, we put clients like you first.

We’ll work with you and your team of professionals to create, implement and manage a plan focused on the needs of your practice as well as your personal goals and dreams.

For Dentists Planning Ahead: Winding Down Your Corporation

As a dentist you are a valued member of the community. Your patients and your staff depend on you to make the right decisions. When it is time to shut one door in order to open another, there are several key steps to take.

Dentist Financial Checklist: Financial Security & Wealth Building

As a dentist your focus is on taking care of your patients. At Rosen Group Private Wealth Management our focus is making sure you have the information and the tools needed to take care of your financial portfolio.

Invest in yourself. your future.