Our Process

Our 7 Step Wealth Management Process

Holistic wealth planning involves more than just portfolio discussions. The 7 Step Wealth Management Process takes a holistic approach to wealth planning. Through a written customized wealth management plan our team addresses the various areas of wealth planning including tax minimization planning, estate planning (as it relates to investments), retirement income planning, philanthropy, business succession, portfolio construction and management. The process takes clients through 5 initial meetings with our team, followed by a meeting with a tax lawyer and/or Notary. Once the plan has been implemented, a structured review program is put in place that includes regular wealth planning and portfolio assessments.

1. Discovery Meeting

Gathering client data; explain services provided; in-depth goal setting & lifestyle planning; outline of financial management program.

2. Discussion Paper

Examine scenario analysis; develop appropriate strategies to address issues and opportunities; review needs and objectives; compare current vs. recommended strategies.

3. Planning Presentation

Present and review the Wealth Plan with client; identify projections, tactics, and considerations.

4. Investment Planning

Establish an IPS (Investment Policy Statement); comprehensive investment analysis; Strategical and Tactical Asset Allocation Plan.

5. Insurance & Estate Planning

Implement risk management and estate plan; Identification of specific risks and planning opportunities.

6. Legal Work

Review and update wills and powers of attorney; discuss and establish trusts.

7. Final Review

Ongoing monitoring of plan; review progress; changes in personal circumstances; changing tax laws and economic circumstances.

Invest in yourself. your future.