Family Office Offering

At Rosen Group Private Wealth Management, we pride ourselves on offering an in-house Advisory Board which provides a cohesive, comprehensive approach to your investment needs. We do this via our Rosen Group Family Office, which utilizes a formal, inclusive, and transparent process through which a collaborative team of financial advisors work together to grow your portfolio.

Our client engagement process begins with getting to know you and understanding your unique financial goals and aims. From there, the Rosen Group Private Wealth Management team builds your family’s Advisory Board. Our financial experts can evaluate your current configuration and make recommendations to enhance and complete your Advisory Board team.

Once your Advisory Board is in place, it is our responsibility to coordinate and lead the activities of your Board. For example, our qualified wealth management experts will work together to bridge any gaps in your portfolio. Our streamlined process ensures that a knowledgeable team of tax, investment, risk management, trusts and legal professionals collaborate on a comprehensive plan that addresses all of your financial goals.

This full-time collaborative approach is the hallmark of the Family Office difference. It culminates in a Family Financial Statement that captures the entirety of your wealth assets from investment portfolios to real estate to fine art, all summarized in one document: a dashboard that can be used to begin every crucial conversation.

The Rosen Group Family Office will ensure that your statement is up to date and reported to you quarterly. Your portfolio is about much more than individual investments and the Family Financial Statement makes explicit how the parts form a cohesive whole.

These are some of the Wealth Planning and Co-Ordination aspects to consider:

  • NFamily Education
  • NFamily Dispute Resolution & Counselling
  • NPhilanthropy & Family Legacy