Lewis Rosen

CEO & Founder

Lewis Rosen, the founder of Rosen Group Private Wealth Management, heads up a boutique team of financial professionals who collectively have over 150 years in the financial services industry, providing holistic financial planning to Montreal and Toronto’s high net worth communities.

Lewis and his team are highly sought after for their customized tax reduction strategies and advanced wealth management techniques and can be heard on Lewis’ radio show, “Smart Money” on CJAD where he discusses various financial planning topics that range from how to protect your investment portfolio to insurance and estate planning. Lewis is also prominently featured in various newspapers and magazines. His team focuses on the areas of investment strategies and unique tax and estate planning strategies for Wealthy Families, C-Suite Executives, Doctors and Dentists. In a business built on successful relationships, Lewis and his team place a premium on exceptional client service. Their consultative, client-focused approach helps ensure that they only work with clients who share their philosophy of a well-diversified and disciplined approach to the wealth management process.

An accomplished and sought-after public speaker, Lewis has delivered hundreds of wealth management lectures, and is also frequently asked to motivate and educate other advisors; to date, he has taught over 1000 financial planners across the country.

Even though Lewis and his team oversee a tremendous amount in client assets, they still believe in the importance of using a personal approach with each and every client. Lewis is happily married and is the proud father of three beautiful children.


Pointe-Claire Office



Yorkville Office


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Lewis is recognized with the following achievements:

  • L2021 Chairman’s Council Qualifier
  • L2021 Global Top 50 Qualifier
  • L2020 Chairman’s Council Qualifier
  • L2020 Global Top 50 Qualifier
  • L2019 Chairman’s Council Qualifier
  • L2019 Global Top 50 Qualifier
  • L2018 Chairman's Council Qualifier
  • L2018 Global Top 50 Qualifier
  • L2017 Chairman’s Council Qualifier
  • L2017 Global Top 50 Qualifier
  • L2016 Chairman's Council Qualifier
  • L2016 Global Top 50 Qualifier
  • L2015 Chairman's Council Qualifier
  • L2015 Global Top 50 Qualifier
  • L2014 Chairman's Council Qualifier
  • L2014 Appointed Senior Vice President
  • L2013 Executive Council Qualifier
  • L2012 Appointed Vice President
  • L2011 Presidents Elite Qualifier
  • L2011 Inner Circle Qualifier
  • L2010 Presidents Elite Qualifier
  • L2010 Inner Circle Qualifier
  • L2009 Presidents Elite Qualifier
  • L2009 Inner Circle Qualifier
  • L2008 Presidents Elite Qualifier
  • L2007 Presidents Elite Qualifier
  • L2006 Appointed Division Director
  • L2006 Pillar Award Recipient
  • L2005 Pillar Award Recipient
  • L2004 Pillar Award Recipient

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